extreme sports

Pension plans that reflect your unusual, dangerous or hazardous activity or hobby

Age is no barrier for those who love the adrenalin rush that participating in extreme sports and hazardous activities can give.

It might surprise you to know that taking part in these can be used to boost your retirement plans.

As well as rewards and discounts which benefit all the family for keeping active, doing what you love can also reduce the annual charges on your pension. Imagine if those amounted to say £30 a month. It’s a win-win because more of your money stays in your pension fund with the added advantage that the growth increases your retirement income.
So all of a sudden as well as getting the buzz from your hobby, you’re saving money for your retirement.

One of the plans will also boost your pension fund by 5% should you suffer accidental death, in essence giving an element of free life insurance, meaning that any remaining funds go to your beneficiaries’ tax efficiently. This is a valuable saving for thrill seekers who find life insurance premiums are expensive.

However, you don’t need to have the same attitude to risk when it comes to your pension.

Whether you want to take the same risk approach with your finances as you do your lifestyle or you favour a more cautious approach with your money, independent, regulated advice is essential.

Our team of experts can design a plan which can reflect either and at the same time make sure that how you spend your leisure time can also contribute towards growing your retirement funds.

Plan well for your retirement.

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