Harriet Burns

Role: Independent Financial Adviser
Location: Liverpool Office
Qualifications: Diploma for Financial Advisers (DipFA)
BA (Hons) Fine Art, MA Graphic Design

Harriet can help you with…

Contrasting and comparing providers and products, researching, and slogging through technical documents. She enjoys anything that provides her with hours of solid work and a project she can sink her teeth into.

Harriet finds it incredibly satisfying to finally get her head around esoteric language and expand her understanding of the complexities of the world of financial services, with all its quirky exceptions, exemptions and the easily missed small print. She has to broaden her contextual understanding of a topic before she can feel confident communicating it in layman’s terms.

Outside of work…

Harriet enjoys being in a form of higher education and an illustration of that is going to contemporary art exhibitions.

She also enjoys Gaming and reading conceptual art theory.

Harriet has two Half-Bengal cats, Naby and Itto.

She considers eggs to be her favourite food as they’re so versatile!


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