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Understanding IHT liability – Will I have an inheritance tax bill?

It’s a common misconception that inheritance tax only affects the extremely wealthy. However, if you’ve been looking into inheritance tax you may have read about a threshold of £325,000 before tax applies.

Anything you own above that value, could be subject to 40% tax.

Passing your pension on to loved ones

Passing your pension on to loved ones Three tips for passing your pension on to your loved ones. Do you consider your pension an asset in the same way that you think about assets like property, bank accounts, cars, and investments? Some people see...

Why it is time to invest for the future of our planet

Why it is time to invest for the future of our planet It is unlikely that 2020 will be remembered by any of us fondly. The COVID-19 pandemic has shaken up the world. Global economies have been hit and many people have been struggling, whether that...

Haydock Park Golf Club

MHW and Haydock Park Golf ClubWe’re delighted to announce that Markland Hill Wealth has entered into a corporate partnership with Haydock Park Golf Club. Commenting on the partnership, the club Business Manager Stephen Nicholson said, “With our new...

Life Insurance: what comparison sites can’t help you with

Life Insurance: what comparison sites can’t help you with Many people turn to comparison search engines rather than a traditional financial adviser when looking for life, health or critical illness insurance, but some recent cases advised upon by...

Yorkshire Asian Business Association

MHW and the Yorkshire Asian Business AssociationWe’re pleased to announce our appointment as a Corporate Partner of the Yorkshire Asian Business Association (YABA). Established five years ago, YABA was created to provide a voice for the Yorkshire...

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